Asset Management


With our expertise in the field of hospitality, extensive operational experience and deep-rooted analytical ability, can act as a representative of the owner and strongly advocate the implementation of strategies and practices to improve cash flow, in order to increase revenue.
SOMNIUM GROUP knows what it takes to ensure a high quality business in all aspects of your business. We will evaluate, investigate, and make detailed recommendations on how to improve business results, and we will evaluate your company's internal processes in order to increase long-term value of your property.

SOMNIUM GROUP specializes in key areas: planning and project management and destination marketing. We work with local and national tourism organizations, countries, regions or communities, providing a thorough diagnosis of the relevant territory and the proposal for the development of tourism strategy with a plan of activities for a period of 5-10 years. Our experts have extensive experience in hotel operations, finance and real estate business. We work with hotel owners and investors, protecting their interests and maximizing returns on investment. We offer a range of services, detailed analysis of the current management and operations, investigate reports profit and loss account using global knowledge in order to maximize return on investment in a particular portfolio or individual property.

We offer advice on:
Strategic planning of furniture, installations and equipment
Look for the operator and carrier selection

It is important to have a team of experts who can optimize the potential of the subject property (building or portfolio of buildings), and who has knowledge and experience in aligning the interests of owners and operators in order to generate the best results.